Medical Directors

To ensure that Unity's services are comprehensive, effective and in compliance with CMS regulations we employ a full-time Medical Director and  Assistant Medical Director.

The “Hospice Medical Director” is the hospice organization’s physician. S/He works to insure that hospice services are comprehensive, effective and in compliance with state and federal regulations. Medical Directors come from various specialties, many of which are not primary care (PM&R, anesthesia, psychiatry, radiology, surgery). They are a valuable resource to the attending provider in management of challenging symptoms a patient may experience when actively dying. Medical directors typically do not serve as “attending” providers.

Unity's Medical Directors:

Dr. Patricia Neuman
Unity Medical Director

Dr. Ronald Manning
Unity Assistant Medical Director

The hospice “attending” provider is the patient’s provider. S/He is always chosen by the patient. Typically the primary care provider serves as the attending provider since patient care at the end of life is no different than care at any other stage of life. Sometimes a specialist, like an oncologist, who has been heavily involved in caring for the patient’s terminal condition, acts as the attending. Continued involvement of the primary care provider ensures that patients:

  1. Receive high quality care for all of their medical conditions – terminal and non-terminal.
  2. Continue to feel the trust and security they have developed with their own provider. At end of life, this is a critically important relationship for the patient and their family.