My relationship with Unity began in ’78 when hospice was a brand new idea,” said Unity Donor Joe Schinkten and President of Ryan Funeral Home. “Unity was way ahead of its time in Wisconsin. And from that day I have seen first-hand, up-close, the wonderful impact that Unity has had in Northeast Wisconsin. I have seen how deep of meaning the Unity experience has had on family’s lives. Not just the person in the process of passing away. It’s the kids and the grandkids, and the brothers and sisters and the power that I see coming out of the emotional, uplifting experience Unity Hospice provides. The most important service that Unity offers, from my experience, has been assisting families with the logistical, day to day operations of taking care of somebody who is terminal. Unity always seems to come in and save the day, making things so much easier for the families that we are all privileged enough to serve.”