Wayne Muller wrote, “Grief not only breaks us down, it also breaks us open.” For those grieving a loss of a loved one this holiday season, you may find yourself broken open by grief and searching for light.

As you move through the coming days take time to reflect where you may find yourself needing support, grace, and rest. Allow yourself to invite in the light of what you need most, trusting that even in brokenness, there is light to hold.


Inviting Light this Holiday Season

Invite the light of being in the moment – Many feelings emerge during this time of the year. Sometimes feelings are orderly and sometimes they are jumbled. Not quite sure if a tear or smile will be stirred up from one moment to the next. Remember that feelings are not right or wrong, they just are. As feelings emerge, remember to be relentlessly kind with yourself and all you are experiencing.

Invite the light of courage – May you know that you have within you all you need to live these days ahead, even when you don’t feel like it. You have made it through the unthinkable and continue to do so, by doing the next thing, followed by the next thing. There is no need to look at the big picture, instead take things little by little and step by step. Courage might feel like being kind with yourself, choosing rest and being renewed in quiet moments of peace and reflection.

Invite the light of love – You were loved. And you loved well. This love takes all that you learned and gathered from your loved one’s life and allows it to continue to guide you.

Invite the light of traditions – Traditions may bring comfort in the remembering or can be a painful reminder of what will never again be. Some traditions may change this year, while others stay the same, and perhaps new traditions will be created. This holiday season, hold the pieces that bring comfort closest and choose to let the others go. Remember there is room for grace, as you find your way through this season.

Invite the light of hope – Hope might look different now and it may be hard to find. There may be times when you may need others to carry hope and shine a light until you can see it yourself. Remember, a flicker of light is still light.

Invite the light of memories – Memories that may be sweet and memories that may sting. In the sharing of stories, photos, and in speaking their name, your loved one continues to be a part of this moment.

Honor a Life Holiday Gathering

Unity invites you to join us for our Honor a Life Holiday Gathering Facebook Live on Tuesday, December 14th at 7:00 PM. Come for a time of reflection, music, and spirit as we remember loved ones and hold light together.

Should you find yourself looking for grief support and are open to connecting with a Unity Grief Counselor, please contact Unity Grief and Education Center at (920) 339-6700.

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