Every Gift Makes a Difference

September 15, 2020

What does it mean to be a Development Manager for Unity Hospice?

Being a fundraiser, at its core, means having a love and passion for the opportunity to build meaningful relationships. It means taking time to listen to patients and families tell their impactful stories, to share along their journey and to allow them to give back in the way most meaningful to them. Gifts to Unity help us continue to provide specialized care and grief support to all those in the communities we serve. We are here because of the gifts made possible by those we serve.

Fundraising is not just a means of raising money. It is a way to promote the message, goals, and values of a non-profit organization. Many people in our communities have been touched by the programs and resources that Unity Hospice offers. These are our neighbors, friends, and often family members. Sharing the journey of fundraising with those we are closest to is a privilege – and it comes in many shapes and sizes.

Donating to Unity Hospice can take many forms, but what is the “WHY”?

  • Giving creates a sense of feeling happiness and fulfillment when supporting an organization that helps others – especially right in your very own community.
  • There are so many ways to give easily. Call us, visit our website, attend an event, or host a Facebook fundraiser. Giving is now easier than ever.
  • Giving is powerful. By donating to Unity Hospice – YOU are making an impact. YOU are helping others. You may have experienced loss of a family member, friend, or neighbor – so now you can help other families going through a similar experience.
  • Our donors can also take advantage of non-profit tax benefits. Donations to Unity Hospice are tax-deductible by law and all donors receive a receipt and acknowledgement as documentation.

Unity Hospice takes pride in our patient-focused mission – to bring the best end-of-life experience to its communities by delivering unwavering strength, compassion, and support. You can be the donor who plays a vital role in helping Unity provide that strength to others.

To learn more about ways you can give, visit us here.

This blog post was shared by Megan V., Development Manager at Unity Hospice.

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