Spring Cleaning - Tips & Tricks!

April 2, 2021

In the early 1800s, general cleaning in spring was a necessity because homes were covered in soot from the sources of heat used during winter. Families lighted lamps fueled with kerosene or whale oil and their fireplaces burned coal or wood throughout the cold season. So when warmer temperature came, people scrubbed, dusted and washed everything in their homes to get rid of grime and soot. Thankfully, with the advent of central heating, soot and grime are nuisances of the past. Today, we still tackle spring cleaning because it is healthy to air our homes and remove the dust that accumulated during winter. Plus, the sense of cleanliness and accomplishment that comes from scouring the house induces something like a neurological reward from the brain.

To help with your spring cleaning, Unity Resale Shoppe, LLC, has compiled a list of helpful hints to make spring cleaning less “boo hoo” and more “whoo hoo!” Read on to learn more!

1. Categorize!


Start by picking a category. For instance, try going through your closet first to pick out clothing that no longer fits. The next day, sift through kitchen drawers to identify tools and kitchenware that are no longer being used. On day three, do the same with your books, and so on. Once you have a box (or two, or three, or ten!) filled make a stop at Unity Resale Shoppe to donate what you have collected!

2. One Box at a Time!


Let’s face it. Just because you’re getting rid of “clutter” doesn’t mean you’ve stopped bringing new treasures home in the meantime. However, there is a smart way to do it so that you don’t overstock your home. Keep a box set aside to slowly fill with things you wish to donate. Once the box is filled, drop it off at Unity Resale Shoppe! You may be surprised at how this simple habit can prevent you from becoming exhausted from trying to do a “whole home cleanup” all at once.

3. Newspapers, packaging and boxes, “Oh my!”


As consumers continue to make online purchases, we obtain more and more packaging material. Rather than tossing it, donate it to Unity Resale Shoppe! We are always looking for materials and boxes to help package collectibles and other fragile items.

4. Reward Yourself!


Once you have cleaned out items you no longer need or use, it might be time to pick out some newer items! Stop by Unity Resale Shoppe, LLC and treat yourself to small appliance like a nearly new fondue set or quesadilla maker, a new summer book to read, or a new outfit to wear as the weather warms up!

Unity Resale Shoppe, LLC accepts donations that are clean, working and in good condition. To see a comprehensive list please visit our website HERE. If you have questions, feel free to call us at (920) 339-5501. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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