Story of Harold and Germaine Compton

November 18, 2018

“The thing I love most about having the Memorial Bears is it’s hard for kids to voice their feelings towards death. They give the kids a sense of security that great grandma and great grandpa are always with them, no matter what.”

“The thing that I realized the most that I did not realize about hospice previous to this, was they let you care for your loved one and I love that. We have no regret because we got to spend every moment with them until the day they passed. They give you the ability for you to give them that care and the comfort to that individual. They make sure they go over completely and thoroughly if you had any kind of concerns or anxiety caring for somebody. They make sure you have every resource to make it okay for them. I just love the fact that we were the ones taking care of them. We were the ones holding their hands and walking them through to the point where they went to Heaven.”

— Stacy Compton, Harold and Germaine’s Granddaughter