Thrift Shopping - Tips & Tricks!

August 13, 2021

Though repurposing previously loved clothing is not a new concept, thrift shopping is still relatively new!

As new clothing became more affordable during the industrial revolution, it also became more disposable. It is during this time that pawn shops and push carts on the street began to pop up as people tried to find new uses for these items. Though there was previously a stigma associated with wearing used clothing from a stranger, new thrift brands such as Goodwill and Salvation Army offered a source of legitimacy. In addition, consignment shops catering to wealthier customers began to arise in the 1950’s as “vintage” styles began to trend.

Today, thrift shopping continues to rise as a trend for its affordability and sustainability, and it is not likely going away anytime soon! Read below for some helpful tips & tricks to help you be a better thrift shopper at stores like Unity Resale Shoppe, LLC!

1. Plan your trip!

Before you head out to hunt for goodies, developing a plan and route can help you save time and money. Stop by Unity Resale Shoppe, LLC to pick up the new Local Resale Store Guide. This guide lists 18 resale stores in Green Bay and De Pere, and even has a map to help you identify the most efficient route! Less time wasted in the car gives you more time to shop in the stores!

2. Pack your bag!


And no, we do not just mean your wallet! Especially if you are on the hunt for furniture, a measuring tape is a particularly handy tool to have available on thrift excursions. In addition, a handy stain remover like the Tide to Go pen can be helpful to spot check items that need some touching up. Always ask permission from the resale store staff before you do so!

3. Make friends with the staff!


Not only is it just friendly to be friendly, but these relationships can help you as a shopper as well! The staff may be open to letting you peruse the back room if you are looking for an item in particular. In addition, they may offer some insight on your hunt upon arrival, especially if they get to know the areas of the store that you frequent as a regular. Stores like Unity Resale Shoppe, LLC are always putting out new items, but certain items you are often looking for might only get re-stocked once a week (…and we are more likely to share these inside details with our friendly regulars).

4. Bring goodies to donate!

Donating merchandise that you no longer use or wear helps continue the thrift cycle! For clothing, we suggest using the hanger rule. Instead of buying new hangers to fit your growing thrifted wardrobe, donating pieces that you no longer wear will make room for new ones! A good question to ask yourself as you go through your closet is, “If I were shopping right this second, would I buy this?” If the answer is no, add it to your box of donations!

5. Share your finds!


Part of the thrill of thrifting is sharing your unique finds with your friends! Either while you are on the hunt for items, or after you have collected all your treasures, post some photos of them and consider tagging your favorite resale stores on Facebook. Shopping small and helping to raise awareness for these small businesses is especially appreciated during recent times!

We hope these tips help you improve your thrifting skills and find some unique treasures! Unity Resale Shoppe, LLC accepts donations that are clean, working and in good condition anytime that our shoppe is open. To see a comprehensive list of acceptable donations, please visit our website HERE. If you have questions, feel free to call us at (920) 339-5501. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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