Gifted Wishes

Give the GIFT of a WISH!

Gifted Wishes is a program that makes end-of-life wishes come true for Unity Hospice patients in Northeast Wisconsin. Join us in bringing joy and meaningful moments to patients and families.

Granted Wishes

Growing up in Main, Ruth developed a love for quality, fresh seafood. Her favorite indulgence was a meal of tender, soft-shell steamer clams dipped in melted butter. Unfortunately, upon moving to Green Bay as an adult, Ruth quickly discovered that finding fresh clams in the Midwest was difficult! Nothing she tasted compared to the seafood she knew from out east. In her home-state, clams were caught daily by local clam diggers and sold at neighborhood markets and restaurants. As Ruth’s illness progressed, her wish was to enjoy her favorite delicacy once again! Thanks to Gifted Wishes, fresh clams from Maine were shipped overnight to Ruth’s daughter so she could specially prepare them for her mom. As Ruth took her first bite of the lightly salty, slightly sweet clams, Ruth was overcome with feelings of childhood nostalgia and growing up seaside in Maine. This wish, while simple, had enormous impact on both Ruth and her daughter.

An avid gardener, John shared his passion for growing flowers from seed with Unity’s care team. His favorite, the fragrant, trumpet shaped flowers of the four o’clock plant which open late in the afternoon and remain open until morning, were a reoccurring topic of conversation. To bring John joy, Gifted Wishes surprised John with colorful annual plants and packets of four o’clock seeds for planting in the planters outside the window of his assisted living room. John was excited to once again roll up his sleeves and sow the cherished four o’clock seeds into the soil, this time with help from Unity volunteers. As he waits for the four o’clocks to blossom each afternoon, he fondly remembers tending to his garden during earlier years.

Ronald, a decorated veteran, had several heartfelt conversations with his wife, Sue, about leaving a legacy. What could he tangibly leave behind to provide healing and comfort to his family? Thanks to Gifted Wishes, several shadow boxes were purchased which enabled Ronald to display cherished items that portrayed knowledge, values, and love. The patriotic flag pin Ronald received during Unity’s Veteran Pinning Ceremony is also included and serves as a reminder of gratitude for the sacrifices he made to our country.

Margarita had made the painstaking decision to leave her husband and son in the United States so she could live her remaining days with her daughters and extended family in Mexico. Knowing the void this would leave for her husband and son, Margarita’s wish was to capture the love they shared through a professional, family portrait session. Thanks to Gifted Wishes, Margarita was able to give keepsake, framed photographs to her husband and son to forever remember the life they shared.

Sharon had always hoped of vacationing on Northern Michigan’s Mackinac Island, known for its historic sites, horse-drawn carriage rides, fine dining, and one-of-a-kind attractions. The old-world charm of the Grand Hotel was her dream destination to enjoy a beautiful weekend away. Thanks to Gifted Wishes, her get-away weekend also included a day of pampering at Astor’s Salon and Spa located in Grand Hotel. Sharon enjoyed a long massage that helped bring her peace, tranquility and relaxation at a time when those feelings were difficult to capture.

Give the Gift of a Wish

Wishes granted through the program range in size and complexity, however, each holds a uniquely special place in the hearts of those who receive them.

$35 - Celebration cake for a birthday, anniversary or other milestone
$50 - Family keepsake bear with heartfelt audio recording of hospice patient
$100 - Family portrait session
$200 - Favorite meal
$300 - Transportation and lodging for a visit from a distant family member/friend

Unity is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) health care agency that serves the entire community. We rely on donations like yours to fund programs and services that bring comfort and support to patients and families facing serious illness, death and grief. This includes people who don’t have health insurance, are too young for Medicare and those who have spent their savings on expensive medical treatment. Unity is focused on helping patients have the best day possible – each and every day.

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