Give the Gift of a Wish

June 2, 2021

Unity Hospice launched Gifted Wishes in 2020, a donor-funded program that makes possible final wishes for Unity hospice patients. These wishes bring joy and happiness to patients and their families and help provide light in what might be a time of darkness. Each wish granted is unique, emotional, and inspirational. Gifted Wishes is designed to provide patients with an event or day to cherish and to create meaningful memories for families.

Wishes granted through the program range in size and complexity and Unity staff work with the patient and family to help make these special wishes come true.

Most wishes are small in request, but enormous in impact. Some of the wishes granted include:

Margarita – Her wish was to have professional family photos taken with her husband and son. The photos were very important to this family because Margarita left the US shortly after the photos were taken to go to Mexico to spend her last days with her daughter. These photos bring joy and comfort to Margarita’s husband and son and will be a memory they will always cherish.


Sharon – Her family had planned a dream vacation to visit the Grand Hotel, a destination that Sharon had always wanted to visit. Through Gifted Wishes, Unity was able to provide Sharon with time to relax while getting pampered at the spa in the Grand Hotel. Sharon enjoyed a long massage that helped bring her peace and tranquility and shared this was one of the few times she had been able to truly relax.


Ruth – She grew up in Maine with a love of seafood. Since moving to Wisconsin years ago, nothing compared to the seafood from out east. Ruth’s dream was to enjoy her very favorite meal – clams from Maine! Gifted Wishes was able to get fresh clams shipped right to Ruth and she was overcome with nostalgia for her childhood and time in Maine.


With the help of monetary donations from Unity employees, as well as a $20,000 grant awarded by the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation, Unity’s Gifted Wishes has been able to transform lives of Unity’s patients and their families, one wish as a time. “People often are not going to do nice things for themselves so this program allows Unity to do something nice that will make an impact in a time when they need a pick-me-up,” said Jenny, a Unity Social Worker.

You can help make more Gifted Wishes come true by donating today. Learn more at Unity also will accept the donation of goods and services from local businesses who want to help make wishes come true.

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